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The files module in wq.db's contrib package provides some useful extensions to Django's built-in FileField and ImageField. Specifically, files provides a custom FileField that can handle both images and non-image files and automatically place them in separate respective folders under your project's MEDIA_ROOT. When included in INSTALLED_APPS, files also registers a File model for use in your projects.

File Models

files includes a pair of models that can be leveraged to build a quick file manager in your project. These models can be leveraged by adding "wq.db.contrib.files" to your project's INSTALLED_APPS.


The included BaseFile is an abstract model that includes fields for:

The concrete File model extends BaseFile with a user attribute, which is set automatically on upload if the included serializer is used. The File model is swappable which means it can be swapped out for any model extending BaseFile. The setting to control this is WQ_FILE_MODEL.

# myproject/settings.py
WQ_FILE_MODEL = "myapp.File"

# myapp/models.py
from wq.db.contrib.files import BaseFile
class File(BaseFile):


All File models are associated with a FileType. By default, there is one FileType object for every mimetype (e.g. one for image/png, one for text/csv, etc.). FileType objects are created as needed when new files are uploaded. wq.io is used internally to guess the mimetype of uploaded files.

To create more than one FileType for the same mimetype (e.g. to differentiate between photographs and drawings), you can define proxy classes extending file and override the type_name setting. Proxy classes can also be used to set a custom upload directory (see FileField below).

class PhotoFile(File):
    type_name = "Photo"

    def get_directory(self):
        return "photos"

    class Meta:
       proxy = True

Custom FileField

The FileField class defined in files' models module extends ImageField by removing the requirement that all uploaded files be images. The FileField also checks for a function get_directory() on the model to determine which folder to place the uploaded file in. The get_directory() function on the BaseFile model places images in images/ and all other files in files/.