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About wq.app's Modules



wq.app provides a collection of AMD modules that can be mixed and matched in a client application. The core of wq.app is wq/app.js, an AMD module that provides all of the basic functionality necessary for a basic offline-capable web app. wq/app.js integrates jQuery Mobile, localForage, and Mustache.js into a single unified API.

wq/app.js can be extended with a number of plugins to integrate Leaflet-powered maps, d3.js-powered charts, and other enhanced functionality for project-specific use cases. Unlike traditional JavaScript libraries, there is no browser-global wq, or even a canonical wq.js for inclusion in your projects. Instead, the assumption is that each project utilizing wq.app will use AMD to load the specific modules within wq.app that it needs. See this article for a discussion of this design decision.

This chapter is broken up into four subchapters:

  1. wq/app.js: The core application controller and model API.
  2. Plugins for wq/app.js: List of existing plugins (including wq/map.js) and instructions for creating a custom plugin.
  3. wq/chart.js: d3.js-powered reusable charts.
  4. Other Modules: Low-level wrappers around various third party libraries.

wq.app comes with all of the third-party JavaScript libraries it needs. For best compatibility, the libraries bundled with wq.app should be used instead of the official versions. That said, most of the bundled libraries are identical to the official versions and can be swapped out (via an AMD paths config) without issue.

See the notes in Getting Started for more information about setting up a project layout that utilizes wq.app and/or its bundled third-party libraries.