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wq/autocomplete.js is a wq/app.js plugin providing a simple implementation of an AJAX autocomplete via the HTML5 datalist element.


wq/autocomplete.js can be configured with a Mustache template to use when rendering <option>s for the datalist. It will then search each page for any <datalist> elements to configure.

// myapp/main.js
define(['wq/app', 'wq/autocomplete', './config'],
function(app, auto, config) {

// In myapp/config.js:
// config.autocomplete = '{{#list}}custom template{{/list}}';


app.init(config).then(function() {


To configure the <datalist> for an autocompleted form input, a number of data-wq-* attributes can be used. data-wq-url configures the URL to use for the AJAX request. data-wq-query defines the name of the URL parameter to use (default is "q"). data-wq-min defines the minimum number of characters the user needs to enter before the autocomplete kicks in (default 3).

<input list="example-list">
<datalist id="example-list" data-wq-url="/autocomplete.json" data-wq-query="q" data-wq-min="4">

The search module in wq.db can be used as a convenient AJAX API for wq/autocomplete.js.

When using a custom template, the following attributes will be available on the context object:

name purpose
list An array of available options, as returned by the web service. These would normally have id and label attributes.
count The number of items in the list
multi Whether there is more than one item in the list.