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wq/photos.js is a wq/app.js plugin that integrates with the PhoneGap Camera API and shows previews for user-selected photos. Together with the file processing functions in wq/app.js and wq/outbox.js, wq/photos.js provides a complete solution for allowing volunteers to capture and upload photos via your offline-capable web or mobile app. Captured photos are saved in an outbox (wq/outbox.js) until they can be synchronized to the server.

The Species Tracker application provides a complete demonstration of the offline capabilities of wq/photos.js.


wq/photos.js does not require a global configuration, as it is configured via data-wq- attributes on the related form elements.

// myapp/main.js
define(['wq/app', 'wq/photos', './config'],
function(app, photos, config) {


app.init(config).then(function() {


To leverage wq/photos.js in your template, create your form elements with data-wq- attributes. If you are using wq.start and the default project layout, these will be set automatically in the generated edit templates for models with image fields.

element attribute purpose
<input type=file> data-wq-preview Indicates the id of an <img> element to display a preview image in after a photo is selected.
<button> data-wq-action Indicates the function to call (take or pick) when the button is clicked
<button> data-wq-input The name of a hidden input to populate with the name of the captured photo. (The photo itself will be saved in offline storage).
<input type=hidden> data-wq-type Notifies wq/app.js that the hidden element is intended to be interpreted as the name of a photo captured via wq/photos.js. The element should typically have the data-wq-preview attribute set as well.

The take and pick actions are wrappers for PhoneGap/Cordova's camera.getPicture() API, meant to be used in hybrid apps where doesn't work (e.g. on older devices or broken Android implementations).

Below is an example template with the appropriate attributes set:

<img id=preview-image>

<input type=file name=file data-wq-preview=preview-image>

<button data-wq-action=take data-wq-input=file>
  Take Picture
<button data-wq-action=pick data-wq-input=file>
  Choose Picture
<input id=filename type=hidden name=file
   data-wq-type=file data-wq-preview=preview-image>

Note the use of the {{#native}} context flag which is set automatically by wq/app.js. See the Species Tracker template for a working example.

Browser Compatibility Notes

wq/photos.js, and the related file processing functions in wq/app.js and wq/outbox.js, rely heavily on two browser features: - Offline storage (see Browser Compatibility Notes for wq/store.js) - Binary Blob support, including the ability to upload Blobs via AJAX.

All modern browsers, including Internet Explorer 10, Android 4.4, and later versions, have at least minimal blob support. For IE 9 and older desktop browsers, the preview functionality in wq/photos.js will not work, but users should still be able to upload files. wq/app.js will detect the lack of Blob support on these browsers and fall back to a normal form post when a <form> containing an <input type=file> is encountered. (wq.db's ModelViewSet includes built-in support for responding to forms posted in this way).