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wq/progress.js is a wq/app.js plugin that provides a simple way to create AJAX-powered auto-updating HTML5 progress elements. wq/progress.js is meant to be used with a JSON web service that provides updates as to the current status of a long-running task. wq/progress.js was originally created for use with the data import tasks in the Django Data Wizard package.


wq/progress.js can optionally be configured with a global default polling interval, as well as up to three custom callback functions (onComplete, onFail, and onProgress). The callback functions will be passed the active <progress> element and the JSON data from the web service.

// myapp/main.js
define(['wq/app', 'wq/progress', './config'],
function(app, progress, config) {

// In myapp/config.js:
// config.progress = {'interval': 0.5};
// config.progress.onProgress = function($progress, data) { console.log(data) });


app.init(config).then(function() {


To configure an individual <progress> instance, a couple of data-wq-* attributes can be used. data-wq-url configures the URL to use for the AJAX request to update the progress status. data-wq-interval defines the polling frequency in seconds (default 0.5). As of wq.app 1.0.0rc2, data-wq-status can be used to specify an element which will be used to display error or message attributes from the JSON response.

<progress data-wq-url="/getstatus.json"
<div id="status-info"></div>

For older browsers, the <progress> bar will automatically fall back to text showing the current status.

wq/progress.js assumes a specific structure for the data from the web service. The following attributes should be specified on the returned JSON object: * total: the total number of items being processed * current: the rank of the currently processing item. (current / total will be used to determine the % complete) * status: A text status indicating task state. A status of "SUCCESS" or "FAILURE" will cause polling to cease and the onComplete or onFailure callbacks to be called. The status names are taken from the task state names in Celery. * error or message: Will be displayed with the data-wq-status option.