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Note: This documentation is for wq 1.2, which has not yet been finalized.



@wq/markdown is a @wq/app plugin that adds Markdown and syntax highlighting capabilities to the template rendering context. It looks for a markdown property on the current context and outputs an html property that can be rendered into the template as {{{html}}}.


@wq/markdown can optionally be configured to look for a different input context variable or a different output variable. It can also be configured with a custom postProcess function before returning the final HTML.

// myapp/main.js
define(['wq/app', 'wq/markdown', './config'],
function(app, md, config) {

// In myapp/config.js:
// config.markdown = {'input': 'markdown', 'output': 'html'};
// config.markdown.postProcess = function(html) { return html };

app.init(config).then(function() {


@wq/markdown uses the third-party dependencies marked.js for Markdown processing and highlight.js for code syntax highlighting. The parsers for Bash, CSS, JavaScript, Markdown, Python, SCSS, and XML are included by default.